About Us


Our Story

Breakwater Public Adjusting was established in 2019 to offer support and assistance for individuals in processing their settlement claims. Ben Weisner, a licensed Public Adjuster, founded the company with an aim of providing compassionate guidance during an extremely difficult time.

The name Breakwater comes from maritime language. In stormy times, breakwaters help protect ships docked in their harbor. Breakwater Public Adjusting aims to help protect and assist homeowners during stormy and turbulent times.

The lighthouse used for our logo is representative of the beacon functionality that lighthouses serve, and to indicate that for distressed homeowners, Breakwater is a beacon. Whether it be help, guidance, or both, Breakwater is there to help


Ben Weisner

Ben Weisner is a licensed Public Adjuster who has been licensed for over 6 years. An owner of investment real estate, Ben understands the intricacies of the adjustment process from both the perspectives of the homeowner and the insurance company. Ben takes pride in his community involvement and is actively engaged within the greater communities of Lewiston-Auburn.

Starting a business has always been a long-term passion for Ben, and he is grateful that he is able to do that now through Breakwater. A Maine native, Ben enjoys spending his free time outdoors, playing the bagpipes, or studying history.

Breakwater is here to help.

Benefits of Public Adjusting

You are only moments away from having a professional on your side helping get your life back on track.

Saves you time to fix property damage

We have qualified professionals who know exactly how to properly address property damages in a timely manner.

Reviews your policy from a professional perspective

Our professional public adjusters will evaluate your policies to ensure you get all the intended coverage for your losses.

Negotiates your settlement claim for you

With in-depth knowledge of this field, our experienced and qualified professionals will represent you well to your insurance provider.

With our hassle-free method, we will guide you through the process and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. And rest assured that we will fight for you every step of the way – leaving your stress to one side.